What happened to the old website? ?

In April 2015, I let my ownership of the domain name expire, changed the domain for H-Pi Instruments to and made a completely new website for the business. You may notice that hpi is a subdomain of the parent domain At you will find links to all my online endeavors. As the name suggests, this is my way of collecting the various strands of my work together in one place, to organize them under a common parent domain. This is an easier and more flexible way for me to work.


I can't register my software and it doesn't work anymore. Can you help?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please first read my answer to the first question above. When the website domain changed, I also developed a completely new software registration system to improve security and to automate the process of issuing licenses. (Previously I had issued all software licenses manually which is extremely tedious.) The old software tries to connect to the old website which now doesn't exist; this is why you can't authorize or deauthorize your old software. Everyone who owns an old manually issued software license needs to open an account at the new website and update that old license. I sent out an email to everyone on the H-Pi Instruments customer list explaining everything back in April 2015, but apparently a lot (maybe most) of those emails went straight to the spam box.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Create an account. Just follow the instructions. Here is some info about what an accounts is and why it is a good thing.
  2. Go to account > my licenses. There you will see how to update your license(s).

I bought your software at the Mac App Store. Can you change it over to a license I can see in my account here?

Sorry, but no. When you buy a license through the Mac App Store, everything is handled by Apple and I have no record of your purchase. For your licenses to appear in your account here, you need to buy the license here.

After I buy a software license, how many times can I install it?

At least twice. Some licenses allow 3 or more installs.

I want to use the software on both a Mac and a Windows PC. Do I have to buy two licenses?

No, not if you buy the license from this website. If you bought a license from the Mac App Store, then you would have to buy a separate license here for Windows.


Where do I install .sf2 soundfont files?

On Mac OSX, the directory is: ~Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks

Tonal Plexus

For more information, see the Tonal Plexus webpage.

When will you start making the Tonal Plexus again?

I don't know. Please be patient.

I know you stopped making them, but could you make one for me please?

No, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait.

How much does the Tonal Plexus cost?

Formerly I sold the keyboards for between $600 and $3000 USD. I do not know how much the keyboards will cost in the future.

Does the Tonal Plexus have the same span as a piano?

Previously I made the keyboards with between 2 and 6 octaves.


Can I get a TBX1?

Please see the TBX1 webpage.

Can you tell me more about the device that will be replacing TBX1?

It will do everything that TBX1 did, only better, and with more options.