ScalaVista is a scale database browser for the Scala tuning archive*. Easily browse and listen to any scale as a sequence of pitches or intervals; change the tonic, duration, and playback direction; sort and search for matching parameters of any scale; send scales directly to microsynth, CSE, TPXE, and Xentone; and more. *developed with permission from Manuel Op de Coul, the creator of Scala.

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ScalaVista 0.0

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* developed with permission from Manuel Op de Coul, the creator of Scala.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

ScalaVista is updated in response to feedback from its users. To file bug reports and feature requests, you must first open a user account and purchase a license. Once registered, you can participate and see the ScalaVista development process in action on the ScalaVista Reports Page.

Latest Version Details

ScalaVista — Version 2.1.5 · December 8, 2015

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ScalaVista 0.0


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