Got a standard MIDI keyboard? Retune it! TBX1 makes retuning as easy as pushing a button. Attach this little box to your synth and you can make any key play any pitch you want. It comes preloaded with 128 tunings for you to try out, and stores tuning tables in 4 layers, totaling over 500 tunings, which you can easily edit with Custom Scale Editor (cross-platform software, license included). Set up your own tuning, upload it to TBX1, and plug into any General MIDI controller and synthesizer to make your music. Ships with an international switching power supply and free MIDI cables. Portable and ready for the stage, TBX1 can also run for eight hours on batteries.

Each unit is made by hand.

NOTICE: After enjoying a long product life of 10 years, TBX1 has been phased out and replaced by a next-generation product called the Scale Station (TBX2), scheduled for release in early 2018. Pre-orders for the Scale Station will begin December 1, 2017 and end January 1, 2018. Reserve a unit now for pre-order.

  • Tuning
  • Controls
    • jog dial: select and enter preset program parameters
    • MIDI LEDs: monitor MIDI IN and MIDI OUT traffic
    • LCD display: currently selected tuning, bank, patch and polyphony (with backlight ON/OFF switch)
    • sixteen channel switches: selectable MIDI output channel polyphony, from 1 to 16 voices
    • fifteen preset buttons: store and recall tuning, synthesizer bank and patch
    • 14-bit MIDI pitch bend resolution: 0.01 cents
    • bypass switch: turn tuning function on and off without swapping cables
  • External MIDI Message Pedal / Sequencer Control
    • receive tuning table Changes
    • receive bank and patch changes
    • full sustain pedal support
    • full control of held key behavior when tuning table change messages are received
  • Inputs and Outputs
    • 12V DC power input
    • MIDI IN: connect to any MIDI controller (keyboard, sequencer, etc.)
    • connect computer to MIDI IN to upload tunings
    • MIDI OUT: connect to any general MIDI tone module, sampler or computer MIDI interface for tuned output
    • sends the following MIDI data on selected channels
      • bank select, patch change, pitch bend range RPNs, 14-bit pitch bend
      • note on / note off (one note per channel = monotimbral up to 16 voice polyphony)
      • MIDI Velocity, Modulation, and Volume are passed as received at MIDI IN
    • MIDI THRU: sends unmodified MIDI data received at the MIDI in through to another unit.
    • international switching power supply and MIDI cables included