⪡ Please Note: microsynth is a stand-alone synthesizer, not a plugin ⪢


microsynth is a SoundFont synthesizer for Mac OSX and Windows, made specifically for microtonal music, supporting seven types of tuning files, on-the-fly retuning, audio file recording, routing to and from standard MIDI hardware controllers and sequencing and notation software such as Sibelius and Finale. microsynth handles tunings of up to 2048 unique pitches, and can switch between different tunings with real-time changes of scale Keys, Maps and Octaves. microsynth is also 16-part multi-timbral, with 16 tracks that can all have unique tunings.

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microsynth 0.0


microsynth gives you 16 independent tracks, each with its own tuning, MIDI input and output, SoundFont and Patch selection.


Unlimited tunings, 128 or 2048 tones each, from 7 file formats. Set Key, Map, Octave, and Tonic. Edit .scl and .tonex scales. Custom Keys.


Switch between tunings on any track on the fly, choosing how sounding pitches are handled when the switch happens.


Retune tunings on the fly, affecting all tracks referencing the tuning at once, choosing how all sounding pitches are handled.


Record .wav files in real time, and play along or even record while listening to what you recorded. Load the files into your favorite DAW.


Set your preferred tuning pitch and import parameters, track options, MIDI I/O and filtering, and more.


⪡ Please Note: microsynth is a stand-alone synthesizer, not a plugin ⪢

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

microsynth is updated in response to feedback from its users. To file bug reports and feature requests, you must first open a user account and purchase a license. Once registered, you can participate and see the microsynth development process in action on the microsynth Reports Page.

Latest Version Details

microsynth — Version 1.6.51 · October 7, 2017

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microsynth 0.0

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